How Car Finance Works

How Car Finance Works

 Ta Meri Finance the finance partner, where we turn your car ownership dreams into reality through a seamless and transparent financing process. Whether you’re eyeing a luxury vehicle or a practical family vehicle, our tailored financing solutions are designed to align with your individual needs and aspirations.

Our process is straightforward and client-focused, ensuring you find the perfect match for both your desires and budget. From the initial selection of your ideal vehicle to the final joy of driving it, we guide you through every step.

Contact Us

Get in touch online or via phone with our team to initiate the process

Vehicle Selection

Define car type, features, set budget, and consider the buyback option.

Application Process

Submit credit history and income for an initial financing plan proposal.(initial KYC information might also be requested)

Establish Financing

Receipt of loan Offer ,Review, accept the offer, and sign documents.

Payment Setup

Choose the payment method, with an option for automatic payments.

Enjoy Your Vehicle

Drive away confidently in your chosen vehicle.

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